Did you by chance miss last weeks shows ??

If you did this is what went down ..

The Artist Life came in and played an acoustic set to help promote there new E.P. Lets Start A Campfire and also the boys in If Looks Could Kill came in a dropped there new album MK – ULTRA and that was just on The Show

Then on Fresh Meat we had Cederdale come in and drop there new album Lackluster Love Songs then Brandon R Dwyer stoped in for a really entertaining interview.

So heres the deal ..

One of my favorite Canadian bands CALLAHAN can’t make it Wednesday for Fresh Meat so they will be on The Show tomorrow night at 9pm for a live to air interview plus drop some tracks from there self titled cd.

So what does that leave me and little kimmy for the meat ?? How about we do this .. We play the entire album by The Artist Life, throw in some tracks from Hunter City Madness, Baptized in Blood, Callahan, Cederdale, On The Sidewalk Bleeding and so many more ..

See you tomorrow with Sir Hijack and The Show then Wednesday at 530 with Fresh Meat !!