If You Taste a Natural Sausage, One Will Not Be Enough

Are you wondering why many people prefer a natural sausage casing in Calgary? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we discuss the advantages of natural casing sausages. Natural sausage casings are unique from artificial casings both in looks and in flavor.


Brief History

The Sumerians invented the sausage over 4000 BC. There are also descriptions in the world’s oldest recipe books from Babylon talking about sausages. They books describe them as cooked meat stuffed in goat stomach. Among the ancient Greeks and Romans history, numerous stories are talking about sausages.


Natural Casing

The natural sausage casing consists of naturally occurring collagen. It is different from the “collagen casing” which is an artificial sausage casing. The collagen found in the intestines of an animal forms a submucosa layer, its edible, and it resembles the original intestines even after processing. What happens during processing is the removal of the outer layer of fat and the inner mucosa lining.



The resulting natural casing is safe to eat and retains the natural flavor that makes us love sausages encased in the natural casing. They resemble the original casing not just in appearance but also in composition and functionality. Manufacturers use only salt and water to clean and preserve them. In any organic sausage production, one must use only natural casings. Those sausages that come from grass-fed animals offer the best quality in taste and texture.



In the past, people used intestines from sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, and even horses to make the natural casings. Those from goats, sheep, and cattle were the most popular and accepted among all people. Cleaning has now stopped being a manual process. Today, modern machines do the natural sausage processing just as good as humans do, but faster and hygienically.


Advantages of natural casings

  • They are breathable and therefore enhance flavoring as the meat gets roasted.
  • They have natural sheen, curves, and rounded edges that give them a visual appeal.
  • They are distinguishable due to other non-uniformity from mass produced collagen casing, hence more valuable.
  • Because of use of machinery to speed up the cleaning and staffing of natural sausages, both consumer and manufacturers have developed a preference for natural sausage casing Calgary.


Overall, if you need to enjoy the perfect sausage taste that humanity has loved for thousands of years, then you have to choose the natural sausage casing.

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